Whats Loop interactive platform

Whats Loop Platform enables you to communicate with your customers effectively, professionally and highly efficient Log in anytime, anywhere

Corporate and business sector

It helps small and medium businesses to increase customer satisfaction, raise work efficiency, and improve communication quality.


It helps the education sector to have effective communication and continuous follow-up between the administration, students and parents.

Medical Field

It helps the medical sector to improve the quality of the provided services to patients while booking and after visiting a doctor.


It helps online stores to improve the quality and the speed of communication with customers before and after the purchase.


It helps hotels, resorts, and tourism companies to increase customer satisfaction when booking and after providing service.


It helps media providers to have effective communication, continuous follow-up, and improve the speed of publishing and reaching their subscribers.
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Whats Loop Platform Features

Here are some features that will make you communicate with more than a billion users faster and easier

Most used chat software

More than 1.5 billion users in more than 180 countries and 65 billion messages are exchanged daily

Secure Communication

Secure communication channel, end to end encryption and no third party can see the content.

No Waiting Time

Communicate with your clients instantly, synchronously, and asynchronously.

Effective Engagement

Provide more rich experiences by sending images, audio, documents, locations, and more.

Analytics and Insights

Get comprehensive reports and insights into the delivery of your messages and customer interaction.

Building Customer Loyalty

Using a business account can increase your customers' trust and brand loyalty.

Multilingual interface

User-friendly interface that supports Arabic and English.

Technical support 24/7

Technical support around the clock to ensure service stability and development.