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When subscribing to the service, you will find a complete guide through the Whats Loop API settings, and you can connect the system through your website programmer.

Yes, Whats Loop is verified on the Facebook platform

No, you can benefit from all Whats Loop services without having to verify the account on FaceBook.

Whats Loop platform supports Arabic and English

Yes, API messages appear in WhatsApp

The number of messages for all packages is 5000 thousand daily

Yes, you can use the service on WhatsApp and Whats Loop

Yes, it is possible through the Whats Loop platform

They are the numbers on WhatsApp chats

Yes, you can send group messages after exporting the sync group to an Excel file and then uploading the file to the Whats Loop platform

Yes, it should always be online.

Whats Loop and WhatsApp Web cannot be used together.


Our security level is 99.9%.

The service will be activated immediately after payment.

Our prices are the lowest and best compared to the features and technical support offered to you around the clock.

Yes, you can use the number again.

Whats Loop bot system with tags (matching the message or part of the content).

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription at any time.

You can unsubscribe by calling 0122255301 or 920011953

Yes, there is an app on the App Store and Play Store

Yes, notifications are sent when there are incoming messages.

Linking is done by scanning a QR from WhatsApp Web

Yes, you can link the store directly and send alerts on the status of the order on the store.

The bot supports replying with text, image, audio, video, location, contact, link, file.

Yes, you can view the reports and statistics to know the number of messages sent and received in certain time periods.

Yes, there is and you can export it as an Excel file

Yes, you can use the platform from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can use a non-Saudi number.

There is no limit to the number of characters.

Yes, you can start creating your bot directly through the Whats Loop platform, without prior programming experience.

Yes, after signing up and linking your WhatsApp account, there will be a default chat that you can edit and start using.

The bot can respond to an unlimited number of inquiries at the same moment without any delay.

Yes, you can start creating your own bot directly via the interactive platform and without prior programming experience.

Yes, after you sign up, connect your WhatsApp account and there will be a demo conversation that you can modify and start using.

Yes, you can send text, video, image, audio, links, and coordinates through conversations after setting them up from the control panel.

The bot can respond to an unlimited number of inquiries at the same time without any delay.

You can use Whats Loop API through all programming languages .

You can send and receive texts, photos, files, videos and coordinates.

You can't do this, as Whatsapp policy does not allow spam and the recipients can press (Block sender) button which may suspend your WhatsApp account permanently. So we recommend using the service to send expected messages to the recipients.

Yes, the mobile must always be connected to the internet to ensure that messages are sent and received through your WhatsApp number.

Messages are sent from your WhatsApp account after you allow it through the QR code on the platform.