Features of WhatsApp Loop Bot

Provide remarkable services around the clock with the Whats Loop Bot and through WhatsApp, using an automated and artificial intelligence customer service representative.

Being present all the time

With the bot, no need to arrange customer service working hours, as your company will be available 24/7, to receive requests and inquiries

improved customer service

Unlimited number of conversations and fast response will increase your customer interaction as the bot can respond at the same moment

Helping clients to make a choice

Whats Loop Bot assists your clients by explaining products or services with audio and video to match their needs and budgets at any time

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Whats Loop Bot is more cost-effective than hiring an employee for every task and reduces issues induced by human errors

User-friendly interface

Interactive bot doesn't require prior programming experience. All you need is to focus on creating effective chat

Analytics and Insights

Comprehensive reports and insights into the delivery of Bot chats and customer interaction helps you improve your products and services

Examples of WhatsApp Loop uses

Customers Service

Take the first step towards service 365/7/24 customers

Reservations Systems

You can use it as an appointment booking, confirmations, follow-up, and feedback..


Show products' pictures and prices to be ordered from your website.

Interactive Notifications

Send registration status or order and shipping notifications automatically once they are registered in the system.
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80% of businesses are expected to have chatbot automation by 2021.

67% of internet users have used a chatbot within the past year.

35% of consumers have already bought items with a chatbot’s help.

The use of virtual assistants can lead to a 99% improvement in response times.

The most frequently asked questions can help you reach the best experience for your business needs

Yes, you can start creating your own bot directly via the interactive platform and without prior programming experience.

Yes, after you sign up, connect your WhatsApp account and there will be a demo conversation that you can modify and start using.

Yes, you can send text, video, image, audio, links, and coordinates through conversations after setting them up from the control panel.

The bot can respond to an unlimited number of inquiries at the same time without any delay.