Connect smartly with your customers and add vitality
to your facility with interfacesto your facility with interfaces Application programming Powerful and reliable

Would you like to try the WhatsApp Loop Bot service? Add the number to your contact list and send a message saying “Hi” through WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp to communicate with your customers in an innovative way, by linking it to your website, store, application or sales systems, which is the most used chatting program in the world

  • It works 24 hours non-stop
  • The possibility of programmatic linking with several programming languages
  • Continuous technical support to ensure service stability
  • Two-step verification to protect your data
  • Answers inquiries quickly and accurately.
  • Multilingual and User-friendly interface.
  • Live and comprehensive reports and insights.
  • Templates for your messages.
  • Unlimited chats at the same time.
  • Secure communication channel.
  • Reduces costs and increase efficiency.
  • Send multimedia text, video and files.

Whats Loop interactive system has great software features and features

The interactive Whats Loop system represents an effective and innovative solution for communicating with customers and improving the quality of service provided, and it is characterized by many great software features that help speed up operations and improve efficiency.

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Our goal is to unify the channels of communication between your facility and your customers

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Interactive notifications and chats

Use Whats Loop to create interactive and rich notifications that include images, files, videos, and location. You can also use it to send e-invoices, track shipments, e-tickets, financial alerts, and more.

Earn trust and loyalty

Enrich your customer's experience and increase confidence and loyalty by using a business account for your products or services and communicate with them instantly simultaneously and asynchronously.

Secure and encrypted communication

A secure communication channel with high privacy encryption and no third party can see the content of your conversations with continuous technical support to ensure the stability of the service.

Whats Loop Platform

Whats Loop Platform enables you to communicate with your customers effectively, professionally and highly efficient Log in anytime, anywhere
  • Two-step verification

    Two-factor authentication when logging into the control panel
  • Promotions

    Stay connected with your leads with personalized marketing messages
  • Text as you like

    Text message up to 4096 characters long
  • Artificial Intelligence ( Ai )

    Achieve your goals with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Live Chat

    Interactive live chat with your clients
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    Cloud platform with advanced capabilities and high connection speed

Many categories and businesses can use the interactive WhatsApp Loop to improve the quality of service and speed up operations, and from these categories

It helps small and medium businesses to increase customer satisfaction, raise work efficiency, and improve communication quality.

It helps the education sector to have effective communication and continuous follow-up between the administration, students and parents.

It helps the medical sector to improve the quality of the provided services to patients while booking and after visiting a doctor.

It helps online stores to improve the quality and the speed of communication with customers before and after the purchase.

It helps hotels, resorts, and tourism companies to increase customer satisfaction when booking and after providing service.

It helps media providers to have effective communication, continuous follow-up, and improve the speed of publishing and reaching their subscribers.

Build an interactive bot Distinguish by providing your services around the clock with the WhatsApp Loop bot and through your customers’ favorite WhatsApp messaging application, through an automated customer service representative based on artificial intelligence technology

Does the bot work with WhatsApp directly?

Yes, after you subscribe and link your WhatsApp account, there will be a default conversation that you can edit and start using.

Can I create bots without programming knowledge?

Yes, you can start creating your own bot directly via the interactive platform and without prior programming experience.

Can I send a video or a photo to customers through Bot responses?

Yes, you can send text, video, image, audio, links, and coordinates through conversations after setting them up from the control panel.

How many conversations can the bot answer at the same moment?

The bot can respond to an unlimited number of inquiries at the same time without any delay.
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Without Bot

12:00:00 AM


Hey , There

06:11:09 AM


?What time will my order be delivered

07:12:10 AM



09:11:00 AM


!waiting for your reply, hurry up

11:10:01 AM

Whats Loop Bot

12:00:00 AM



06:12:01 AM

whats loop bot

?Hello Hind , How can I help you today

06:12:02 AM


?What time will my order be delivered

06:12:03 AM

whats loop bot

Your shipment (#958221) will be delivered today at 2:15 pm

06:12:04 AM


Thanks a lot , l'll be waiting

06:12:05 AM

Integrating modern technology and artificial intelligence into direct message operations, in order to enhance user experience and improve process efficiency


Decreased order processing time


The rate of accuracy in responding to customer inquiries


An increase in the rate of opening notifications

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